Deeply linked to the thought of the author, the Collections Humans Nature explore the symbol as an ancestral means of communication with the diverse levels of Reality.

Sculpture becomes the vibrating centre and emanation but also the “womb”, a cosy, inviting space where to listen, experience, think, contemplate, know.

Through symbols, human beings live simultaneously their immanence and transcendence, as part of an osmotic process between the inner and the outer Reality, that reveals themselves to themselves and ushers them in the universe, linking them to Everything.

It is the symbol that, in penetrating and hence exciting and dynamizing psyche, breaks the mould of constructive reasoning, restores the ability of being aware of being in any form and restores Man to his divine dimension.

I volti di Kosmosandalon

Maestro d'arte Alessandro Rametta

Materials: stainless steel, bronze, copper
Technique: unique sepal draping technique based on stainless steel, sepals and petals embossed and forged in fire, with labellum brazed with a silver alloy. Mirror-like finisihing.
Dimensions: H 2,7 x L 1,55 x P 1,05 m
Year: 2018
Photo Credits: Vittorio Canisi

Kosmosandalon – “cosmos’ sandal” – was the name of the orchid for the ancient Greeks; a flower of delicate and regal refinement, a symbol of spiritual perfection, beauty and harmony, emblematic of the profoundly human tension towards the elusive, the sacred and the splendour of the divine.

I volti di Kosmosandalon / The Faces of Kosmosandalon represents a clear homage to classical antiquity and philosophical reflection, with its fascinating and alluring origin myths and its powerful imagery which still today reveals the meaning behind humanity: an imposing metal architecture of petals and sepals, concave and convex forms created through the expert working of mirror polished stainless steel, copper and bronze, designed to embrace the viewers and lead them in a reflective voyage in search of lost divinity.

Lux Lumen Luci

Maestro d'arte Alessandro Rametta

Materials: iron
Technique: twisted wrought iron under an open flame, satin finishing
Dimensions: H 2,5 x L 2 x P 2 m
Year: 2017
Photo Credits: Vittorio Canisi

The iron trees collection draws inspiration from the evocative power of symbols as eternal archetypes of the bounds between humans and nature.

Per Egeo

Maestro d'arte Alessandro Rametta

Materials: copper
Technique: forged by hand, mirror like finishing
Dimensions: H 3,4 x L 1,2 x P 1,2 m
Year: 2016

The theme of polarity and unification of nature, and the harmony shone through the shape of this leave inspired the author who dedicated this artwork to the birth of his son Egeo.

Arbor Vitae

Maestro d'Arte Alessandro Rametta

Materials: iron
Technique: twisted wrought iron under an open flame, forged leaves indented by hand, satin-finish
Dimensions: H 5 x L 3,5 x P 3,5 m
Year: 2007
Photo Credits: Vittorio Canisi

A tree is like a human being, an image of the essence of earth and sky that combines the higher with the lower, the spirit with the matter, the male with the female.

Di fronte al tuo mistero…
Di fronte alla lentezza inesorabile del tuo eterno ciclo
di nascita-crescita-morte-rinascita, senza fine né principio.
Depositaria di tutta la conoscenza, testimone dell’intera evoluzione,
madre di tutti gli esseri animati ed inanimati.
Cerco un dialogo e osservo i tuoi moti, ascolto i tuoi canti,
vorrei svelare i tuoi segreti, vorrei imparare secondo i tuoi tempi.
Uomo o animale, albero o seme, crisalide o farfalla,
dal più grande al più piccolo, tutto cambia e si trasforma
ed io che ti invoco, desidero esser tuo!

Laudata si’, mi Signora, per frate Focu,
per lo quale ennallumini la nocte:
ed ello è bello et iocundo et robustoso et forte.

Laudata si’, mi Signora, per sora nostra matre terra,
la quale ne sustenta et governa,
et produce diversi fructi con coloriti flori et herba.

Alessandro Rametta

(le ultime due strofe da il "Cantico delle creature")