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The Forge

The Forge: a holy place where metals are transmuted, a magic cave where fire bolsters the desire to catch the uncatchable… where man, like a Demiurge, abstracts from this primal and incandescent metal.

In this mysterious transformation of solid metal to magma and to its solid phase again, lies the infinite poesy of a timeless, ancient language, lasting forever… and from there the hidden force of physical matter with its intrinsic rules, and the vital ardour of silent knowledge stem.

This direct knowledge of art-doings, this ancient force of fire dominion, sanction the deep link that unites concept to action, matter to body.

Devoted to exploration, founder Alessandro Rametta, artisan designer Andrea Capriotti and the whole team of La Fucina di Efesto, devote themselves to an incessant research, and the entire production of La Fucina di Efesto investigates the deep meaning of art with respect to the strength that experience conveys to intuition and design. This creative process goes through the concept of Life, Genesis, Fecundity and Sacrifice… the holy rite of passage, metamorphosis and transformation seals the timeless alliance between the Lords of Fire and the Mother Goddess, and takes shape into the existential practice of repeated gestures fed by the desire for ‘the beyond’ and the immortality of artworks.

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