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Alessandro Rametta

Self-taught sculptor, Master of Arts, careful and silent researcher, struck by the infinite possibilities of metal when still very young, Alessandro Rametta heard the call of long-lost memories and the familiar call of a material that holds ancient secrets. His intuition soon became a vocation, an inner zeal for which he felt the responsibility.

« Not my dominion over matter, but an eternal alliance with it, a deep respect for being called to participate in its most intimate gestation stage. »

From the very beginning of his studies and research, Alessandro developed a technique of his own, refinedly original. He learned and experimented multiple metal sculpting and painting techniques, which he considers to have still today, after millenniums, the highest expressive and unexplored potential.

The contemplative relationship with material, and the long sculpting time required by working cycles, allowed him to make unique artworks. He worked alongside artists and designers, making sculptures for Italian and foreign collectors, and mentoring young people in craft, arts and ethics, always welcoming open discussion as an occasion for exploring new perspectives, viewing new challenges as an opportunity to hone his practice; he believes in the daily discipline of hand and body.

« Not through the way of words, but through the way of a silent daily practice, a philosophical way of acting, a self-enriching work, an anthropo-technique and a creative ethics find their expression in the act and gesture. By dignifying metal I dignify myself. »

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Andrea Capriotti

Andrea Capriotti was born in a happy labourer’s family. During his studies, he developed an interest in the craftsmanship until he acknowledged it as his vital nourishment and future career.

To Andrea, the forge is the source of inspiration of new ideas and the birthplace of new projects where the artisan and the designer are two actors speaking the same language when not acting as a single person. With Matteo Giustozzi, he founded Tac Laboratory and started to think of his future as an artisan designer, working mainly on technical and creative aspects.

In 2012 he began to work at La Fucina di Efesto, a laboratory of humanity and metal research, a safe harbour welcoming those who are eager for savoir-faire. From Alessandro Rametta he learned techniques, dedication and the archaic force of metals. Together, they focused on art and design from a variety of perspectives: from concept, to co-design with customers, to the realization and installation of the artwork.

« Taking care of each design choice until the final execution in syntony with the architectural space, we make unique artworks that really meet desires and needs of their clients, nurturing our art creativity and our steady research into metal transformation techniques. »

He believes that handwork ennobles a man, makes him aware of his needs, and allows him to listen to Nature from a true and synesthetic inner space.