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A combination of vocations, talents, mutual influence, diverse visions and perspectives.

The team of La Fucina di Efesto works on the grounds of the philosophical aesthetics of arts, design and architecture.

By pioneering research, from the very beginning the works of La Fucina di Efesto stand out for their genuine, flexible and open language in continuous renovation, for bravely keeping apart from standard models and for starting anew every single time.

Careful listeners and interpreters, the team makes dreams and needs visible and tangible. Talented and expert artisans, they work like volcanoes in an existential totality where delicate balances between mind and body, design and surprise, knowledge and research, experience and risk are at stake.

Made out of an ancient cloister, the forge seems to have kept the same discipline, method and hard work.

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Andrea Branzi, Janis Kounellis, Ugo la Pietra, India Mahdavi, Oskar Zieta, Humberto Diaz, Pippo Basile, Alessandro Pongan

Leading partners
Caterina Crepax, Fonderia Battaglia, Fonderia Artistica Maf

Officine Panerai, Arte Vetrina Project, Gruppo Richemont, Ferré, Interspazio

Architecture and design studios
Studio Edoardo Altieri, A4A Design, Arch. Asano Chitose, Ing. Massimo Minotti, Valeria Chiesa

Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d'Arte, Michelangelo Foundation, Politecnico di Milano

Technical Partners
No Gravity s.r.l. - Lavori in quota, Laboratorio di Restauro s.n.c., SCA Società Cooperativa Archeologica, Nuova Argentea, Verniciatura SVAL di Aldo Bressi

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