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Memorie Alchemiche

2019 - 2024

After having investigated into the mysteries of earth and of the vault of heaven, Alessandro Rametta seeks oneiric images, by exploring the endless possibilities of transmutation. Trusting to dream, letting images that long since live in the deep subconscious, become for the artist an unavoidable means for rebirth.

Fantasy and dreams burst out of unconscious like melted magma through symbols and archetypes, the hand moves along guided by spontaneous emotional forces, so that what is hidden deep down becomes visible. Thought becomes increasingly symbolic, all comes before language and sense, all reveals new aspects of reality that brave any other means of knowledge.

In Memorie Alchemiche the sculpting technique gradually becomes one with meditation: the shiny metal acts as a mirror, a typical means for introspection and for looking at oneself. The oneiric dimension unveils old enigmas and forces apparently contrasting that tend to harmonize when unified. Thus, through sculpture, conscience flies across shadow and light, water and fire, reality and dream to discover itself eventually renewed.

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Memorie Celesti

2019 - 2023

Memorie Celesti Collection marks the beginning of two new techniques of Alessandro Rametta: Astroblema and Orogenesi, on stainless steel and a copper and pond alloy, respectively.If the “Natura” collection was focused on the germinative powers of earth, in this series focus is on the secrets of sky, in contemplation of stars with infinite variations of light.

Heavenly bodies interact with the elements of fire, earth, water and air: this connection plays a central role in the artwork imagination process, and guides the hand of sculptor.
Metal is molded by the whole of these forces, retains traces of each of them and changes its look in response to their influence.

The matter and the technique that gives it the shape and beauty that stems from it become a means for meditation, the ideal support to deeply understanding the enigmatic connection between immanence and transcendence.

The play of the dawning of earth is revealed by these sculptures, on which light dances creating a close connection with the beholder. Mankind, thanks to the mediation of objects soaked with the wisdom of mind and deed, can spot and feel again the wonder of origins within itself.

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Natura Collection

2016 - 2020

The Natura collection springs from a meditation on cosmos generating power. The spiraliform ramification of trees, the architecture of leaves that orbit suspended around its stem, the secrets of flowers: the ways in which nature generates itself are investigated through the language of metal.

The artist shies away from the mess of metropolitan structures and languages, to refuge in this primal force and listen to it. At the same time, he thinks over the extraordinary discoveries made by humanity: from the golden section to Fibonacci’s theories, the concept of Aristotelian Physics to the prodigious abstraction process pursued by Mondrian in the series of Trees.

Through the symbol, mankind explores the mystery of the Great Mother, feels her immanence and transcendence at once, in an osmotic process that unveils it to itself and brings it into the universe, connecting it to the Whole.

The works in this collection, conceived by studying the world of symbols, produce an intersection of reality levels with macrocosm and microcosm, interiority and exteriority, masculine and feminine.

Sculptures become a center of vibration and expression. The hollow of a trunk or that of a petal act as a womb, an innermost space in which the beholder can dip to think through the mysterious causes of creation.

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