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La Fucina di Efesto, a sustainable and conscious life choice

At La Fucina di Efesto, we like to imagine a future in which, through the observation of works of art, people are offered the opportunity to investigate their origins, the development of technical and expressive reasons, and the deep bond they have with Nature. The labyrinth of human complexity is guarded by artefacts, by the vital and eternal breath that lives in them.

Creating unique and timeless Artworks – made of steel, copper, brass, bronze and aluminium – is a firm commitment of our atelier to the sustainability and valuing of resources. Not only they reduce the environmental impact, but also invite us to think over the Value of the Artworks and time investment. Using metals makes it possible to make excellent products that stand the test of time. Works made with this perspective in mind, become witnesses to our history and culture, and pass down from generation to generation as a precious legacy. La Fucina is therefore a firm defender of  Nature, and a firm believer in an ethical and aesthetic coexistence of Mankind and our Home Planet. 

Steel, aluminium, copper and its alloys are 100% recyclable to infinity, without any detriment to quality. Italy has recorded the highest annual quantity of recycled steel within the European Union (80%), ranking among the most efficient countries in the last 10 years. Artisan and artistic culture are inseparable from such a context, as they have always fostered attitudes based on respect for raw materials and resources and for a highly aware use thereof.

Discover the team of La Fucina di Efesto


Alessandro Rametta

Founder and Master of Art

Alessandro Rametta was born in 1974 in Milan, the town where he lives and works. An autodidact sculptor, he was a student in Philosophy at the University of Perugia and in 1997 he founded La Fucina di Efesto, a workshop devoted to research on the border of art, design and architecture.

His work grows up in close contact with the working of metals, of which he explores the many expressive possibilities to such a point as to make him discover a personal technique of his own, full of new insights.

He practices several techniques, from feverish to goldsmith’s art, constantly altering and renewing them thus creating and pioneering serendipitous courses.
This approach results in a sculpture fraught with ancient enigmas, springing from an intimate bond with nature and an attentive reading of alchemic imagination, mythology and traditional symbology, where any alteration he makes to the matter always coincides with an emotional metamorphosis. 


Andrea Capriotti

Registrar and Project Manager

Andrea was born to a happy, working-class family. During his university studies, he approached handicraft production, recognizing in it the lifeblood of his curiosity and future way to go.

In 2012 his collaboration with La Fucina di Efesto begins, which in his view is a laboratory of humanity and a trusted landing place for those who have thirst for know-how. From the Master of Art Alessandro Rametta he learns the techniques, dedication and archaic strength of metals.

Together, they work on art and design on various scales: from the conception through the co-design with the client, up to the realization and installation of the work. He firmly believes that working with hands ennobles man, makes him aware of his needs, puts him in a condition of sincerely listening to Nature.


Matteo Brambilla

Designer and Art

Following in his maternal grandfather’s footsteps, who was a sculptor and painter, Matteo discovers the beauty of know-how, of the act of creation where mind and body are perfectly aligned.

He is a multi-talented designer, fascinated by the design, communication and photography of objects, with the aim of making them express their highest potential.

After various experiences in design studios in Milan, in 2023 he began a significant collaboration with La Fucina di Efesto, with which he shares his passion for innovative thinking and an approach of continuous research and experimentation. Together, they work under the wise guidance of Master of Art Alessandro Rametta, to create works that combine aesthetics with functionality, embracing the concept of design as a means of conveying emotions and connecting people.


Carlo Gallizia


Carlo was born in Monza in 1994. He graduated in Business and Economics, but soon he became convinced that his interests had more to do with making and creating.

He was fascinated by the extraordinary intrinsic qualities of metals, their incredible strength and the countless possibilities of modeling and changing them; thus, he decided to become a blacksmith. For one year, he worked as a carpenter, and later he came across La Fucina di Efesto, a reality with which he immediately felt in harmony, with a mutual understanding fostered by his unfailing thirst for knowledge and desire to help.

Thanks to this opportunity, Carlo could pioneer new techniques to the point of completely reconsidering the role of the craftsman. For him, being a craftsman means creating goods through manual labor, satisfying the artistic and construction needs of others, and obtaining immense personal satisfaction in return.


Alessandra Cassese

Sales and Public Relations

Alessandro’s life partner and source of inspiration, Alessandra has completed her studies in law at the State University of Milan, and has a multi-year experience in the law office of a world-leading corporation.

When she decided to devote herself and her skills to La Fucina di Efesto, she took charge of back office and support activities. Alessandra carries out a personal research into ancient traditions throughout Southern India and Southern Italy, with a focus on archetypal rituals.
Her presence in the life of Alessandro enriches his poetics and artistic inspiration.


Massimiliano Bertuzzi

Senior Blacksmith

The university years spent in Venice, combined with his passion for ancient architecture, translate into a strong sensitivity towards the handmade material.
Once he realized that iron was the material that would give him the greatest expressive potential, he had a lucky chance to learn the processing of this metal and, in particular, the forging art from Masters of Art Ermanno and Alessandro Ervas. In 2004, after graduating in Architecture, he founded TYPTO together with Francesca Cappozzo.

The attention he pays to traditional wrought iron techniques becomes a constant of his research, and, in the design process, he combines the ancient technique of three millennia of history with contemporary design. In 2015 he returns to Val Trebbia, where he works as an artistic blacksmith in the historic workshop of Ancarano di Rivergaro. In 2020, the likeness of feelings and the diversity of skills in the common metallurgical field led Massimiliano to join forces with La Fucina di Efesto.


Lorenzo Orazi

Editor and Copywriter

Lorenzo was born in Macerata in 1995. He graduated with first-class honours in Art Communication and Didactics (Brera Academy, Milan) and in Visual Arts (University of Bologna). He is mainly interested in art theory, iconography and literature.

In 2023 he was selected for the project "A school, a job" launched by Fondazione Cologni, thanks to which he started a collaboration with Alessandro Rametta, sculptor and founder of La Fucina di Efesto. For this atelier, he carries out editing activities, writing texts for exhibitions, catalogues, the website and social networks.

He collaborated with Associazione Congerie in the realization of the theatrical rites "The Crooked Species - Third Movement" and "The Office of Darkness - In this steep hour". His writings have been published in "Nazione Indiana", "" and "AXIS mundi".


Pietro Crepax


Pietro was born in Milan in 1995. Since his teens, he has shown a strong dexterity and a passion for modeling, the fantasy world and role-play.

After obtaining his high school diploma from Liceo Scientifico Severi in Milan, he graduated in law from the State University of Milan with a thesis on notarial law in 2022. After an internship at Studio GP Associati, he enrolled in the notary school but realized that his passion for manual work attracted him to different activities.

Having radically changed his horizons, he did his training as an apprentice blacksmith at La Fucina di Efesto, where he is now a collaborator. At the same time, he continues his activity as a professional model maker and miniature painter.

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