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“Sculpting is to me a place where to always return, a silent, timeless place, where breath and hand are listening, where I let fragments of memory leak out, to then sculpt them.” A.R.

Works of art like a dream, a memory of soul landscapes, a synthesis of transitional moments from eternity to instant, from light to shadow, from image to matter, that tell us the journey of the sculptor and Master of Art Alessandro Rametta.
An artist able to draw living symbols from the matter of the Earth, and to make them methaphors and then sculptures that are an unfailing source of beauty. His works are made of metals and dreams, numbers and animals, Nature and stars. All is linked together, every form of nature participates in his artistic expression that through the purity of form reaches that point beyond the horizon, beyond the reach of the human eye, that endlessy opens to the value of the sense of life and lets us share in the great ritual of beauty and truth. A mysterious union of Nature and Art.

Quod natura imperfectum relinquit, ars perficit.

Francesca Delucchi



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